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A Tiling Manager

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And for my last post, I’m going to talk about… tiling managers.

Tiling managers are something that is pretty different and unique that you probably have never come across and chances are you never will. A tiling manager is something that is a bit different than a normal GUI. In Windows for example, you have windows which you can move around and minimize and things like that. But a tiling manager works a bit differently than a normal GUI manager. In a tiling manager, everything is like a tile. Meaning that if you open a window, then it takes up the whole space. If you open up a new window, then they stay side by side. You can have multiple desktops and you can easily move things around. I don’t move things with my mouse, I move them with my keyboard. I wouldn’t even need a mouse to use it except that GUIs need a mouse. It takes a bit of memorization, but it can greatly increase your efficiency and workflow because you can do everything straight from the keyboard instead of moving your mouse. It may not seem like it is a lot, but it can actually be a lot faster.

I use a tiling manager called i3, which is a bit bare bones and doesn’t give much eye candy, but the functionality is beyond measure and it is fully customizable. Every single aspect can be changed and the tiling all works great. It’s made my typing and working with multiple windows a lot faster.

by Gustav Hansen

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