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The Terminal

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Once you learn to use it fully, the terminal can become a very valuable tool where you can get things done much faster than normally.

The terminal is a place where you can do everything and more than what you do when you click on things, but instead of clicking, you type in commands. You must memorize commands, which is why it is intimidating, but the first computers used terminals and despite contrary belief it is still in widespread use today.

For normal usage, the GUI is sufficient. But when you are doing heavy usage, it can become a bit cumbersome and a lot of things are hidden in hard to reach menus. And GUIs are often slow. Introducing, the terminal. Here, programs are as fast as they are programmed since the terminal needs almost no resources. A lot of things can be automated. If for example you wanted to convert a lot of jpg files that start with 2017 into png, you can easily do it in the terminal. With a GUI, you need to find a specially made program and one may not exist for your use case. More programs also exist as terminal programs than GUIs because its much much easier to make command line programs than huge GUIs. And for normal usage I don’t use it a lot, but I still use it every day and it becomes very useful once you know how to properly use it. The amount of things to memorize may seem intimidating, but it is no more than memorizing which things are in which menus. It just comes to you.

by Gustav Hansen

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