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This website isn’t on edublogs and it works a bit differently, but I like it better than edublogs and it gives me more flexibility.

So I got my domain name for free because a company called name cheap was doing a free giveaway for students. So I have a domain name but now I need a place to host it. When you visit a website, it’s connecting to a different computer in the Internet. Now usually you buy hosting, but I found a place that serves it free and that is Github. Github gives you free hosting and is very generous. So when you visit this website, it’s actually connecting to servers. Then the software that makes this look nice is called jekyll. It allows me to find a template and then I can just make markdown files and post posts. Markdown is just a way to write, similar to Word. It took a little while to setup and it took a while to find the perfect theme, but I’m very happy with the end result. I hate edublogs just because it doesn’t give you enough freedom. With this system, I have full control of everything that happens and I can quickly change it if I want. Edublogs restricts you into a small ecosystem where if something goes wrong you can’t do much. I like when I have a lot of freedom and I appreciate the challenge and the result of this custom blog setup. It makes it a lot easier.

by Gustav Hansen

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